Diary Entry No. 1

Sup world,

Its been a crazy few weeks. From adopting a kitten to staring semester 2 of Uni I’m ready to go back on holidays. Also, why is everyone having comebacks now? I can’t keep up!

Anyhoo, I’ve found a new subject to hate. Its called grading, which is when you make clothes sizes bigger or smaller. Its so headache inducing. I wish it was all computerized, honestly some of the ways they do things in the fashion industry makes me think that we need more engineers who are there to make things easier when it comes to typing up garment specifications (info given to manufacturers about the item of clothing from the size of the button to how many millimeters of back stitching on pocket fronts). Its so damn time consuming and boring and all the lecturer does is read out notes from the board.

So tomorrow is Eid, what do I have planned? Absolutely nothing as usual, and for once I don’t mind. Oh except from on Sunday when I have family coming over. That should be fun. I just realized I haven’t even gone shopping for a new dress for Eid. I’ve been too caught up with other stuff like trying to keep Billy from eating the wires behind the TV. He is such a crazy kitty. The other day he tried jumping onto the dining table while we were eating dinner and he ended up jumping into the dining table and rebounding to the floor. He needs to calm down lol.

On Monday we went Op Shopping for the first assessment in my drawing class. We had to pick out a garment that we hate and re design it. I was the last person who left the store and I ended up finding this really sad looking navy blue silk chiffon sun dress with sequins and bead work along the neckline that is falling off. I’m hoping that I can do enough sketches to come up with a really amazing new design for it. So that’s the one assignment I’m excited to do right now. The rest of them kinda suck at the moment.

Okay, I think that’s enough recapping for the night. Sorry if my grammar and spelling was awful, I promise I’ll try harder in my next post. Anyway, I’m gonna go back to being sad about the fact that We Broke Up is over and watch the performances from  whatever Korean music show was on today.

Goodnight world and an Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating. And to those who aren’t; I hope you have an amazing and wonderful weekend :).

Song of the night:

Seeya next time!

(credits to whoever created this gif)

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