Battle of the Girl Bands- That Summer Jam Part 1

So here we are ladies and gentlemen, smack bang in the middle of summer (actually its fucking cold ass winter where I am) and the ladies of kpop have lined up to release their own respective attempts at the perfect summer jam for 2015. I think its pretty obvious that they’re all trying their head for the crown which Sistar has worn pretty consistently since the success of Loving U and the massive blow up that was Touch My Body. Of course we all must remember that Sistar is made up of four girls with three amazing singers and a rapper whose looks make up for her questionable rapping ability. Also they have the most amazing bodies and I think its pretty safe to say we all like looking at them. Oh yeah, and just so you know I don’t actually know anything about music. But I know what I like to listen to, so this is probably gonna be all judgments based on styling and set design. Cos that’s just how I rollllll~~~

So who’s first up on the summer release list? AoA and Sistar! Yes, they both released their songs on the very same day (weird isn’t it?). Well here’s AOA’s MV for Heart Attack:

All I got from this was that without Seolhyun’s styling tips and coaching, these girls are really reaaaaalllllyyyy bad at Lacrosse (almost as bad as EXO trying to play American Football). I wasn’t sure about this song at first but then after a few listens it became a jam I spent most of my holidays listening to. I think it was the beginning of the song which put me off because its a bit messy but the pre-chorus and chorus are what got me hooked. Like most kpop videos, the set is really really bright and colourful. But that goes with the whole summer theme of the comeback and its what we see in most of videos I’m gonna cover here. So what of the styling? Lacrosse uniforms are cute and I wish they’d burn everything else that was worn in the video.

This reminds me of those Juicy Couture velvet tracksuits everyone and their mother were wearing back in the 2000’s *shudders*. And then there’s the story of Seolhyun’s blue and yellow attire

Why is it that everyone else looks good but her short/skirt hybrid looks ridiculous?

Seriously, watch her in the music video and it looks like she’s wearing ridiculously over-sized underpants they way that they flap around all the time. And don’t get me wrong, Seolhyun is a gorgeous girl with an amazing figure. But this does nothing for her but make her look extra long and highlight the fact the she has bewbs and a butt and a tiny mid drift. I guess that’s the point, but there are ways to do this without making it look tacky which is what they end up doing. I don’t think it’d look so bad if they didn’t sew the flappy bits down to the shorts, which made it flare out even more, and just let it be a simple mini skater skirt which went down in a ‘v’ shape. Okay, I’d get rid of the ‘v’ shape too. What really makes this look off is the proportions of how the clothes fit on her, which basically means its wrong. Okay, I’ll move on. Let’s talk about the good in the styling for this: the lacrosse uniforms. They look really good, I wish they wore it during their match in the game. It didn’t even have to be the same uniform, they could’ve changed it up a bit in the colouring. I’m seriously wondering why they had to change it totally. I find it amusing how they changed in to an actual school uniform and became more attractive

Most people find the whole uniform thing an atrociously hideous form of forceful conformity, but these guys reckon its ho

Okay, okay, I get it they’re playing at the whole schoolgirl fetish. Its still amusing me tho. Oh yeah, and the uniforms are cool too, I kinda wish mine looked like that now. Its nice how they balanced out the bright green and royal blue with the basic white with green accents t-shirt.

Now for Sistar!

So much just happened in that three minutes and thirty two seconds I don’t even know where to begin. But I don’t think its a good sign for the song when I have Touch My Body suck in my head straight after listening to that. Although it does make me think that this is a Touch My Body Part 2 more that a song on its own. There sets are… Well… There’s a LOT going on there. I mean, that high school turned into a shop selling clothes. And what was with those guys at the beginning with the long greasy hair? Besides the fact that this is a giant Sketchers ad (which is kinda working cos if those shoes can give me an ass like theirs then hells yeah I want a pair) that high school reminded me of the one my high school used to be connected to. I used to take a subject there which my school didn’t offer and maaaannnn, they made my school look like a snobby rich private school (which I guess is funny since my school actually out performed all the snobby rich private schools in the area).

They play the part of trashy popular highschool girl well.

For the styling? I preferred it over AoA’s. Why? Because it just looked a bit less cringey. I mean yes there were part where I was like “okay this is a bit too much, but then again its kpop” but in the end it made sense. Like when they’re on the track with a whole bunch of hockey players (I’m still confused as to where they came from) and they were in tights shaking their butts in the camera, it made sense because it just looked like they were suppose to make up the track team. The overall composition of everything reminded me of Hyuna and Ice Cream although Ice Cream isn’t as saturated. -Edit that, just re-watched Ice Cream and Shake It makes Ice Cream look calm lol.



SO! What was my favourite scene from the music video? I’d have to say this one:

I know, its like insanely busy, but its a balanced busy. Look at the background, the backup dancers and then Sistar. The team who put this together used contrast really well to keep the entire scene from being too overwhelming. The background is made up of a whole bunch of different blue tones with subtle red lights going through it. The back up dancers are in black, which keeps you from going WHOA and in turn lets the set build up to who this entire thing is suppose to be about: Sistar. They keep from looking totally out of place by using the red and accenting it with black to keep in tune with the back up dancers. Yeah, a lot of thought went into the composition of that, and that’s why I like it.

Next on the list? Nine Muses!

Can I just say, that chorus is everything. And this song is made for headphones or a really reaaaaaalllyy good speaker system. The verses can get a bit slow but I think the chorus makes up for it. I loved the idea of the shipping crates, even though I know its taking after Tinashe but I reckon they did well to put their own twist on it. The best part was that it looked like a super fun circuit you’d see in Mario Kart.

Who wants to go racing in Lamborghini's through a colourful shipping dock with me?
Who wants to go racing in Lamborghini’s through a colourful shipping dock with me?

The thing that surprised me the most about this though was the matching outfits the girls wore while dancing. The didn’t have any costume changes for when they were dancing which makes me think that they must have spent a very large part of the budget on those fancy cars and camera and being ale to rent out space in that dock to shoot this video. Here’s the weird part: I usually find it irksome when girl groups with more mature images wear matching or the exact same costume but I liked it here.

To me every girl wearing the same thing feels unnatural but it worked in this case, maybe because it helped balance them out with the crazy bright colours of the shipping containers. Also, I want that Lamborghini no matter how tacky it looks.

These aerial shots were pretty impressive
These aerial shots were pretty impressive


What always impresses me about Nine Muses is the fact that each member stands out individually without being swallowed up by the presence of another, even with all the lineup changes. I personally don’t know the names of all the girls but I can always tell who’s left and who got added. I also like how they started capitalizing on Kyungri after Sera left.

Some of my personal favourite looks from the MV:

I really want the sequinned Coca Cola jumper
I really want the sequinned Coca Cola jumper
This dress is so pretty and looks amazing on her
This dress is so pretty and looks amazing on her
BOOM! (this part was perfectly edited in time with the music btw)
BOOM! (this part was perfectly edited in time with the music btw)


Next up! SNSD

Sheesh that was boring.

My favourite part was how Thailand is apparently in China. I’m really hoping the rest of the SNSD’s releases are so much better cos this as a song and concept was such a dud. I mean they all looked gorgeous but it was terribly boring. And that backdrop made Sunny look even more unnatural than she looks with that hair colour and extra fillers/botox she got done (Sunny please stop we love you just the way you are).

I wish I had more to say on this but I don’t. It was just so… Eh.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on this bonanza! Stay tune for Part 2 sometime in the near future hopefully before its all completely over.

But for now, what about you guys? What did you think of these MVs and what did you like or dislike about them? I’d love to hear your views!



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      1. I haven’t chosen yet, its gonna be our final assignment so I still have time to choose. I’m gonna start binge watching the movies on the weekend so if you still have suggestions feel free to tell me.


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