Kris Wu and His Burberry Runway Debut

Hello, ladies, gentlemen, esteemed members of planet mars and cats from around the galaxy.

Today I am here to talk to you about the wonderful and amazing thing that happened in the fashion world. A life changing, mind boggling event that will leave many of you speechless.


Now, I know what many of you might be asking.

How does an ex-kpop boyband member turn-actor-turn-model end up as basically the face of a British high-end designer label for Asia?

By looking this good is how:

Its not his fault he's so hot
Its not his fault he’s so hot

Heh, I’m joking. There is a bit more to it.

(skip the video to the 1 minute mark)

That small, little 20 sec clip is from Gucci’s 2013 documentary “The Director” which explored the work of Gucci’s then Creative Director, Frida Giannini. What this clip shows is how a model is really chosen at the end of the day. Frida Giannini and her team are assessing the model and how he walks. I know this sounds ridonkulous, but its very important. After all fashion designers tell stories with their collections and these shows are those stories being acted out. Its a lot like a film or something except the story is told through the outfits and transition of the runway (Alexander McQueen did this the best)

What usually happens is this: a brand approaches a modeling company (or companies) either asking for fresh meat or what they already have in the bag. These modelling companies usually have scouts that go out and look for young good-looking, perfectly proportioned blood to bring back for examining. Of course its up to the individual who gets scouted to choose whether or not they want to be a model, but if they do that’s how they get scouted. Otherwise, the average person wanting to make it in modelling will have to audition or win some kind of magazine competition like in Miranda Kerrs’ case. Then they have an audition where everyone who is considered comes in and examined by the casting director.

What a Creative Director is looking for in the model is someone who embodies the story they are trying to tell. In Victoria’s Secret’s case its that they want someone friendly, someone who their customer would want to be their best friend and not get intimidated by.

So how did Kris get into Burberry’s show? Industry connections that’s how!

(oh and btw Kris said Mario says haiiii)

So yeah, Kris got in through his major connections in the industry, but at the end of the day he would’ve had to go through the audition process just like Gigi Hadid had to Victoria’s Secret before she got in, why? Because a runway model for a designer is the same as an actor or actress for a director. They play a major part in how the collection is perceived. Just because Kris is hot af and knows people everywhere, doesn’t mean he can just walk any runway he gets recommended for, why do you think he hasn’t walked for Givenchy yet? I mean, the guy KNOWS Riccardo Tisci, but as much as Riccardo Tisci might love and adore Kris; Kris might just not be what Riccardo sees as a “Givenchy Boy”. What he is now though is a Burberry Boy.


Suck it bitches


(Feel free to leave a comment about how much you love Kris)


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