Why I Understand SNSD’s “Homages”

Hello young padawans,

‘Tis I, Shupp, back again with a new post.

So, remember how, like, a year or so ago SNSD came under fire for all those stage costumes they ripped off from designer labels? (I know I’m late to write about this)


I kind of understand why they did it? (At least I understand why they ripped off the designer labels but I’ll never understand why they tried looking like “sexy taxi drivers” from a cheap-ass Halloween costume shop)

Who’s dumbass ideas were these uncomfortable pieces of pvc?

I mean, designer threads are expensive and SNSD are a big band. Plus on top of that they only wear that shit once. What’s the point of paying $14, 000 for 9 pairs of the same kind of Dolce and Gabbana mini shorts only to wear them once? I’m pretty sure SNSD aren’t sponsored by D&G so it doesn’t make sense to fork out that much?

A lot of the time designer threads cost as much as they do not only because of the name but because a lot of those clothes are made in workshops and stuff somewhere in Europe (who charge by the hour btw).The time and effort that it takes to come up with a collection isn’t nothing either, there’s a reason why H&M is infamous. Just the fabric on pretty much all of these garments would cost upwards of $100 AUD per meter. Sometimes even going over $1000 if its a couture item. Things like applique, embroidery, custom laces, thread, buttons, sometimes even custom fabrics; can all add up. The reason why fast fashion becomes so cheap is because of the endless cost cutting with machine-made items and what pretty much ends in slave labor when it comes to production.

What’s the point of spending $$$ on a pure silk Balmain shirt you’ll only wear on stage once when you can get a polyester silk for $20 per meter and make it yourself? It just makes more sense that way (although they’re probably all stinky and dripping in sweat since polyester and nylon aren’t that great at being breathable, although pure silk isn’t a good alternative either). And I’m pretty sure that lots of other bands do this too, its just that they don’t blatantly copy things from other designers.

A smarter way to do this though would probably be to collaborate with a Korean designer. That way they’re supporting the Korean fashion industry as well as promoting their own stuff. They have done this when it comes to stage outfits before so its weird that they didn’t try to do it for their tours and performances.

And this is by no means a way to say that SNSD don’t wear designer clothes because they do. Sooyoung even has that deal with Coach that had her at New York Fashion Week last year. Plus they had that J.Estina sponsorship going. And Baby G. So SNSD have quite a bit in their repertoire for designer goods. I guess its just a bit amusing that they end up “paying homage” to these brands in the end rather than actually borrowing/buying those clothes.

Not gonna lie though it is pretty amusing that this news came out just months after LMVH invested $80 million in YG.



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