Under Appreciated Hotties: The JB Edition

JB, first debuted with JYP in the duo group JJ Project which was the predecessor of Got7 (the really need a comeback btw and they should add Jackson and call it The Triple J project)

He’s the blonde hottie

Look at him he’s so hot omg:

Sah hawt he’s on fiyah

He was even in Grazia, because they know what hot is:

He looks more model chic than idol here

Moar hottness:

awh look at that face!!

I think I prefer him with black hair:

Though that haircut isn’t the best

Oh so hot (I spy arm muscles tooo!):

*wiggles eyebrows*

Even Dazed & Confused know he’s something special (although the Grazia pics were better imo but that outfit is on point)

got7s-jb-dazed-confused-magazine-august-2015-photoshoot (2).png
whoever styled this needs a raise

Thank you JB for blessing us all with your hotness!

Your smile needs more attention!


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